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Peer review

This journal adopts the double-blind review method, which focuses on the exemption in the reviewing process, minimizing biasing effects. Authors do not know who the reviewers are and reviewers do not know who the authors are.

The editorial board, which performs the review of all papers submitted to the journal, is composed of renowned scientists, covering most of the areas of knowledge which can contribute to the field of energy.

The diagram below illustrates the process of peer review.




Collaborators of this issue

Giuliano Fernandes Zagonel
Pedro Augustho Biasuz Block

Energy and monetary payback time of rockwool as an insulation material in the retrofit of buildings in the temperate climate zone in Brazil
Aloísio Leoni Schmid
Ricardo Cezar Mello Mattos Habib

The impact of wind shear and turbulence intensity on wind turbine power performance
Leandro Jose Lemes Stival
Alexandre Kolodynskie Guetter
Fernando Oliveira de Andrade

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