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Peer review

This journal adopts the double-blind review method, which focuses on the exemption in the reviewing process, minimizing biasing effects. Authors do not know who the reviewers are and reviewers do not know who the authors are.

The international board, whose task is to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the papers submitted to this journal, is composed of renowned scientists of great reputation in the area of energy and of different nationalities, which confers to the reviewing process and to the journal a distinct framework of world-wide experience and specialized knowledge.

The editorial board, which is responsible for the specialized review of all papers submitted to the journal, is composed of renowned scientists, covering a wide range of areas of knowledge which can contribute to the field of energy.

The diagram below illustrates the process of peer review.




Collaborators of this issue

Paulo Eduardo Steele Santos
Fernando Vladimir Cerna Ñahuis

Regulatory choices of distributed generation in Brazil: perspectives and opportunities
Roney Nakano Vitorino
Dorel Soares Ramos
Fernando Amaral de Almeida Prado Júnior

Fast decoupled generalized state estimation
Ellen M. M. Nogueira
Monica A. B. C. da Silva
Elizete M. Lourenço
Odilon L. Tortelli

Effect of chloride-induced corrosion on the mechanical properties of galvanized carbon steel anchor rods of guyed power transmission line towers
Tiago Scheffer Matos
Kleber Franke Portella
Mariana D´Orey Gaivão Portella Bragança
Bruno Endo Ribeiro
Alessandro Cesar de Sousa Berrêdo
Sérgio Luís Henke

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