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Collaborators of this issue

Edson Luiz Ursini
Paulo Sérgio Martins Pedro
José Gabino Matias Santos

Analysis of the influence of hydrology and the number of units in the average hydraulic loss
Fabricio Muller
Roberto Eugenio Bertol

Forecasts of monthly flows in the post-266 Itaipu using neural networks with wavelet shrinkage
Levi Lopes Teixeira
Paulo Henrique Siqueira
Luiz Albino Teixeira Jr

Evaluation of the spot price spread of conventional energy at the Brazilian free market: methodology and practical application
Gustavo Sozzi
Dorel Soares Ramos

Forecasting of the relative displacements in block I11 of the Itaipu hydroelectric plant dam through a ARIMA-SVR hybrid approach
Samuel Bellido Rodrigues
Arinei Carlos Lindbeck da Silva
Luiz Albino Teixeira Júnior
Levi Lopes Teixeira
Paulo Henrique Siqueira
Edgar Manuel Carreño Franco

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